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Jess Hall is an energetic woodwind specialist, performing as a flautist, clarinettist, and saxophonist in a range of concerts across Brisbane and working as a private woodwind teacher.

After achieving an Associate Diploma in flute performance in their home town of Toowoomba Jess moved to Brisbane to begin their studies at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University (QCGU).


Performing with QCGU Wind Orchestra

There they completed a Bachelor of Music in flute performance, studying with Virginia Taylor, renowned Australian flautist. While completing these studies Jess received the Victoria Chalmers Education Award and had the chance to perform a variety of music including chamber music, classical orchestral music,  premiers of new compositions, and performing in the band for musical theatre productions. Musical theatre has always been a passion for Jess and these shows inspired them to pursue woodwind doubling, taking up clarinet and saxophone. They learned these instruments in a Graduate Certificate program at QCGU, studying with  Paul Dean (clarinet) and Diana Tolmie (saxophone). After a year of learning they performed recitals on both instruments and received a Griffith Award for Academic Excellence.

Since graduating, Jess has kept their passion for performing and for musical theatre alive, working with various companies around Brisbane.


They perform as a flautist for Cadenza Chamber Players, an emerging professional chamber ensemble. With this group they play classical symphonies, operas, and musical theatre shows and concerts, with a highlight being performing as a soloist with the orchestra. In between these shows Jess uses their flute, clarinet and saxophone skills performing as a woodwind doubler with local musical theatre companies. They also enjoy putting on recitals to continue developing their skills and discovering new music.


Soloist performance with Cadenza Chamber Players

Jess is an experienced woodwind teacher and loves to pass their skills on to the next generation of musicians. They teach private woodwind lessons at Westside Christian College and at their home studio. In these lessons they are passionate about creating a fun and encouraging environment to help their students thrive.

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